Our School Prospectus

As a Church of England voluntarily controlled school, we are committed to enabling our children, through the teachings of the church, to become responsible and compassionate citizens both in school and in the wider community.
At All Saints we believe in:

  • High Standards of work and behaviour
  • Equality of Opportunity for all
  • Competing enthusiastically and fairly
  • Tolerance of the rich diversity within our society

The Curriculum

We offer all the children access to a Broad and Balanced curriculum while ensuring that Numeracy and Literacy skills are given a high priority.

Teachers use a variety of teaching techniques to meet the needs of all the children in their class. These range from whole class teaching through group work to individual tuition depending on the nature of the task. They ensure that all children are challenged to enable them to meet their full potential.

We believe in the use of ICT as an effective tool in order to enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum. We have a Computer Suite with15 machines that enables whole classes to have regular ICT lessons. In addition, there are over 200 portable devices including laptops, Macbooks and iPads that are linked wirelessly to the network and are used extensively in classrooms to enhance the children’s learning.

Our Virtual Learning Environment is a secure website that is available to children and their families where they can continue their learning outside of school. It includes a host of online resources which target the core subjects (ie. English, Maths and Science).

We believe in Equality of Opportunity for all and the importance that we put on meeting the needs of children with Special Educational Needs reflects this. Every child is closely monitored from their first day at school. This ensures early intervention when any problem is diagnosed. We closely liaise with outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists, Occupational Therapy, Behaviour Support Services, the Learning Support Service and Speech and Language specialists to help ensure that appropriate strategies are used. There are Teaching Assistants in every class; a Speech and Language Therapist; and two Learning Support Teachers in school to work with children identified as requiring additional support.

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) is taught as part of our PSHE scheme of work. In Year 6, more detailed information is taught with input from our Learning Mentor who has received special training to deliver this sensitive area of the curriculum. Notification is given to parents prior to these sessions and any videos shown are available to any parent who may like to scrutinise the content.

We have a daily Collective Act of Worship and the school follows Stockport’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. While we hope that all children will take part in all areas of school life, you have the right as parents to withdraw your child from our Collective Act of Worship, Religious Education and Sex Education. Please inform the school if you wish your child to be excluded from any of these in writing.

All our policies are available to any parent of the school.

Behaviour and Discipline

We try to create a warm and friendly atmosphere

where hard work and achievement is valued and celebrated.

We want all the children to feel safe and secure in our school. They are encouraged to respect and care for each other, ensuring that no one feels left out or threatened.

Our Golden Rules stress the importance of caring for one another and the environment. We take any incidences of bullying or other anti-social behaviour very seriously.

Positive reinforcement of our standards lies at the heart of our Behaviour Management. However, children that do not adhere to these standards may be subject to a variety of sanctions. These include:

  • The loss of free time
  • Being sent to a senior member of staff or the Headteacher
  • Periods of exclusion

At all times we try to keep you, the parents, informed. However it is important that you realize that we would not tell you of every indiscretion unless it is persistent or serious.


We have invested much to ensure that there is high quality support for the teachers by providing teaching assistant time for all the classes in the school. Co-Educators help by taking small groups for support, hearing children read, helping with administrative tasks, creating stimulating displays and many other day to day chores. This enables your child’s teacher to spend more time planning work, teaching and assessing them.


We encourage you to become Partners in your child’s learning by keeping you informed of their progress and giving you the knowledge to be able to help them at home. We value your comments and suggestions. You are very welcome to offer to help in your child’s class.

Extra Curricular Activities

Members of staff run a variety of after school and dinnertime clubs to give your child as many opportunities as possible to show what they can do.

Children have the opportunity to represent the school at many different sports.

Teachers arrange Educational Visits for their classes that link with the topics that they are studying. All visits are heavily subsidised to enable all children to access these fantastic experiences but we still ask all parents to make a contribution towards these costs. Should you have real difficulty in paying the full amount then please come into school so that we can see if we can help out. Of course, trips can only take place if enough contributions are made. This policy has been fully endorsed by the Governing Body and is available to see in the Governor’s Policy section of this website.

What to do if you are unhappy with us – Our Complaints procedure

There will be times when you have concerns about an incident that may have happened in school.

In the first instance, please contact the class teacher. Should the need arise then the Headteacher (0161 285 7373 or headteacher@allsaints.stockport.sch.uk) will listen to your concerns and investigate them. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, please contact Linda Huddart, our Chair of Governors (gov.linda.huddart@allsaints.stockport.sch.uk) who will respond to your concerns.

Any complaints will be responded to within 10 working days of receipt.

In the unlikely event that you are still dissatisfied with the way in which your complaint has been dealt with, then the Schools’ Management team at the Town Hall (0161 217 6028) is available for help and advice.

We take the concerns of every parent extremely seriously and make every attempt to ensure that no parent feels that their view has not been heard and appropriate action taken.

Admissions Policy

All Saints follows the published policy for admissions laid down by the Local Authority. They decide whether a child can be admitted to the school based upon this policy.

The school’s admission limit is 30 pupils per year group up to a maximum 210 pupils.

The nursery class has a limit of 52 children coming to school on a part time (15 hours per week) basis. This means that 26 children come on a Monday and Tuesday all day and Wednesday until 11.30am; and the rest come on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and Friday all day.

We are also able to offer places to children whose parents qualify for 30 hours of paid childcare.

We make every effort to welcome any child into our school but should it be impossible to admit them, you have the right of appeal to the Local Authority.

Parents are very welcome to come into school to sample for themselves our unique atmosphere.

School Uniform

We believe in the importance of school uniform for a number of reasons:

  • It gives our pupils a sense of belonging
  • It sends a message to the local community about our standards
  • It standardises a code of acceptable dress
  • It helps parents when buying clothes for school and ensuring that their children come to school appropriately dressed

School uniform consists of:

Girls:    Navy Blue or black trousers, dresses, tunics or skirts (Blue checked dresses or skirts in summer if wished)A light blue polo neck shirt (if appropriate)
A navy blue cardigan or jumper (preferably with the school’s logo)

Suitable black shoes (eg. no high heels)

Boys:    Navy Blue or black trousers (or tailored shorts in summer)A light blue polo neck shirt
A navy blue jumper (preferably with the school’s logo)

Suitable black shoes (including predominantly black trainers)

Please note:  Grey is not an acceptable substitute

All accessories such as tights, bobbles or bows should also be in school colours

School is an inappropriate place for children (or their parents) to experiment with fashion. We ask that children come to school with conservative hairstyles. These acceptable styles do not include shaved heads, patterns shaved into hairstyles or Mohican type haircuts.


No jewellery may be worn in school. This includes chains and bracelets. If your child has pierced ears then studs may be worn. No other type of earring is acceptable due to health and safety reasons

The school day

The school day begins at 8.40am. Children are welcome in the playground from 8.20am onwards. The Breakfast Club is open, and free, to any child in the school from 8.00am.

It is vital that we teach the children the importance of punctuality. Therefore once all the children are off the playground, the doors are locked and parents will be asked to sign the Late Book.

Attendance and Punctuality (2017/18)

Type of absence National   School
% Authorised 6.9 3.6
% Unauthorised 0.43 0.8

A child has one chance at a good education. They will not achieve their potential if they do not attend school. It is every parent’s legal responsibility to ensure that their child attends school. If your child is absent for any reason, we must be informed by text or telephone call. All attendance is monitored closely and we work closely with the Education Welfare Service and will initiate legal proceedings if any child’s attendance gives cause for concern.

Holidays taken during term time

The school does not authorise holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. These circumstances are detailed in the school’s policy on ‘Holidays during term time’.

Parents that take their children on holiday without authorisation may be issued with an Education Penalty Notice (EPN) by the Local Authority.

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All Saints C.E Primary School
“Where we learn to value Knowledge; To value Each Other; but most of all ... to value Ourselves”.

As a Church of England Voluntary Controlled school, we are committed to enabling our children to become responsible and compassionate citizens both in school (and in the wider community) through the teachings of the church.