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We believe that supportive parents/carers are vital to the successful development of all children. We want parents to play a major role in our school and their views are always respected and valued.

Parents are welcome to come into school to discuss their child’s progress or talk to teachers about any concerns that they may have.

Throughout the year we hold a variety of events for parents and children. These aim to help parents to understand what happens in school and how better to help their children learn and grow while at school.

Our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is updated weekly by teachers to provide children and their families with information about their current work. If you are a parent you can log on using your child’s details by clicking on the yellow link at the top of the page.

You can now buy All Saints school uniform online. Click on this link: School Style Ltd to find out how. You can also buy uniform from Badged of Davenport and Tesco.

We are always keen to know what parents and carers have to say about our school. We will carry out school surverys in addition to the half-term coffee mornings with Mr Longworth, which have been well attended. Parents views have been put forward , we have listened and acted upon them.





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